Life Recovery Christian Counseling provides a comprehensive ministry to the body, soul and spirit. Addressing the spiritual roots of specific bondage and dysfunction at all three levels, Life Recovery uses the Word of God as contained in the Holy Bible, to expose the lies and bring deliverance, healing, and forgiveness to those seeking restoration and freedom.
Life Recovery began as a prayer counseling ministry in 1997 based upon the application of the truth of God’s Word as illustrated in the “Spiritual Warfare Diagram”. Its purpose continues to provide those seeking help, with the spiritual tools found to be effective in, “setting captives free”, through prayer, counseling, deliverance, inner-healing, and breaking generational curses. Life Recovery Christian Counseling offers the believer a biblical and systematic approach that cuts through the symptoms and superficial entanglements addressed in traditional Christian counseling.

Life Recovery Christian Counseling assists the believer in identifying strongholds, specific lies, and generational patterns, including the personal agreements made with those lies. Breaking those agreements breaks the Enemy’s grip and brings release and the recovery of blessing to their life. The revelation of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit establishes truth and liberty in the heart of the broken and deliverance for the oppressed.


Marjorie Cole illustrates spiritual warfare in a diagram that explains the activity of the enemy in the believer’s life, including the operation of the strongholds and the effect of the lies that create them. It identifies the work of the enemy through confusion, rejection, addictions/sexual perversion, fear and witchcraft and shows how Satan uses the “generational junk” to bring destruction down from one generation to re-infest the next.



Marjorie Cole, founder of Life Recovery, Inc. a prayer and counseling ministry, and author of numerous books, manuals, and audio series, has worked as a teacher, and counselor for over 35 years. An excellent bible teacher and conference speaker, she has traveled both nationally and internationally. Her video and audio teachings are seen throughout the world including the African nations, the Middle East and Europe.

Marjorie has worked as a counselor in both Christian and secular settings including Minnesota Teen Challenge where she wrote the book, “Taking The Devil To Court”. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and chemical dependency counseling. Using a biblical approach to counseling and truth as the basis for freedom, she has developed Life Recovery, Inc., a systematic, comprehensive approach to healing and deliverance that has helped thousands of people apply scriptural principles to their lives, bringing them to truth and a new freedom in Christ. Those principles include understanding spiritual warfare, deliverance, inner-healing, breaking generational curses, and discipleship.



Life Recovery offers marriage, family and individual counseling.

Counseling is $65/hr and the first appt is 2hrs. We do not take insurance.

We have in office appts available Wednesdays & Thursdays 9am-5pm CST.

Phone and Skype/FaceTime appts are available Mondays & Tuesdays Noon-5pm CST.


For more information please call/text 763-785-4234 or send email to:


7308 Aspen Lane N, Suite 142, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428