God Wants Us Well

Healing in any area of the life is more than a diagnosis. The cure is most effectively accomplished when we accurately identify and deal with the root cause(s) of the condition, including the specific lies that open the door to that condition in the first place. The more precisely the lies are identified, the more powerfully and effectively we will be in dealing with the problem. When the lie is replaced by the Truth, when we repent and confess our allegiance to the lie, it allows us to receive the revelation and experience the resolution. Passivity, denial, avoidance, complacency and the spiritual smog we live in has disarmed us in regard to the spiritual dangers we are in. They minimize or obscure the steps we need to take to address the lie and create confusion about our worth, health and “loveability”. We have become the tragically unnecessary casualties in the war between God and Satan.

The anatomy of the Human Being is: body, soul, and spirit. Our parts are connected. What affects one part will reflect on the other parts of us. The body does not lie. Your mouth may lie, but our body will tell you the truth. You cannot misuse its various members and not suffer serious consequences. In an effort to control our world we have made our physical body responsible for many things is cannot do. The stress of making your immune system the guardian of your self-image, or your stomach the container for all unresolved offenses will destroy your physical health. Fear, stress and anxiety are the world we live in and can take a tole on your health if the lies are allowed to prevail against the truth of God’s promises.

We must also realize that as natural beings we live in a multidimensional world of the supernatural. What is accomplished in the spiritual world, or in our generations past, can come down to lay down a similar pattern in us today. The constant exposure to the fear and anxiety present in this world do not promote health or a sense of rest and wellbeing but of vulnerability and a struggle to survive.  Wisdom on how we are to care for these physical bodies, including the foods we eat and the thoughts we think and the feelings we have will determine not only our physical health but our spiritual strength and victory.


HealingA Case For Healing identifies five steps in the healing process that offer help that goes beyond merely treating symptoms. Understanding the power of the lie and dealing with the person’s belief system is the key in bringing hope and help to those suffering with physical or emotional health issues.







Why Can't I Concentrate?WHY CAN’T I CONCENTRATE? – Do you have a difficult time concentrating or a hard time reading the Bible? Are you easily distracted and can’t remember things? Do you suffer from brain fog and feel like your mind is blank and blocked out?

Attention Deficit, Autism, and Alzheimer’s have become an epidemic in modern society. The war for your soul is first fought in your mind and heart. Matthew, Mark and Luke all describe the boy with a deaf and dumb spirit whose symptoms displayed a striking resemblance to modern diagnosis of Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Attention Deficit Disorders.

Learn how we make agreements with these spirits and how the enemy comes to shut down our minds and most importantly, how these agreements can be broken.


CravingsCRAVINGS – Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want To Do?

Is it balance, self-control, discipline, diets or more faith that will master the cravings that seem to rule my life? In whatever form they present themselves, cravings are defined as a strong desire to have something, to demand, to force, through deviousness. We are torn between self-indulgence and self-control, and often spend our lives trying to quit something we cannot seem to overcome.

Romans 6-8 sheds new light on our two-fold dilemma, the demands of the Law, and the constant presence of sin in our lives. “Doing the things I do not want to do”, being subject to the cravings, “the body of death”, as Paul calls it, is not addressed with denial or diet. “Cravings” address our need for freedom from God’s point of view and yields real solutions to our entrapment.


Defeating DepressionDEFEATING DEPRESSION – Depression is not mental illness. Many mighty men and women of God have gone through depression. Depression is not a chemical imbalance, though it can create a chemical imbalance. It is exhaustion that comes from trying to solve the irresolvable conflicts of life.

We try to be good and fail. We live under the counsel of guilt and condemnation, thinking these thoughts are normal. We feel we have made God mad. We live in the wilderness of, “it’s never enough”, and think it’s never going to end. (See Is. 35) We are afraid and become bitter. The Devil wants to make us responsible for our own life and gets us to spend our energy “trying” to get better.

Learn about the spiritual roots of depression and God’s message of truth and hope.


Eating To Live Or Living To Eat?EATING TO LIVE Or Living To Eat? – Because food is basic to survival it becomes one of the enemy’s most targeted areas in our spiritual life. God’s second command told Adam and Eve what to eat. The green herb and the fruit with the seed were meant to be more than a divine diet plan or an occasional salad. Could it be that many of our physical sicknesses, including obesity, obsession, addictions, insomnia, and food allergies are related to our modern diets?

We are full of fear, guilt, fads and diets. Learn to eat your food without guilt and as an act of worship to God.



Eating For Spiritual HealthEating For Spiritual Health – Has food become your foe? Many of us are caught up trying to control our cravings for food and drink through dieting and self-discipline or denial. We eat and feel guilty. We are well fed and yet mal-nourished. We are what we eat and we don’t like it.

“Eating for Spiritual Health” explores what God has to say and what God has given us for optimum spiritual and physical health. Experience deliverance through obedience as you feast at the table of biblical and nutritional truth that Marjorie Cole and Karen Stene Finch have prepared for you. Learn the principles of living well through following God’s diet plan.


The Truth About FearTHE TRUTH ABOUT FEAR, ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS – Panic Attacks and Generalized Anxiety are two of the most commonly diagnosed mental health conditions. Worry, perfectionism, over-mastering, and stress set us up to fail and affected our sense of well being. Striving puts pressure on us to try harder to “figure things out” which leaves us exhausted and afraid. Our mental and emotional circuits are overloaded. We feel isolated, overwhelmed and abandoned by God. We loose our ability to control things in our world and become terrified.

“The Truth About Fear, Anxiety and Panic Attacks” examines the lies that feed the monster that grips those who struggle with panic attacks and fear of death.


Spiritual Roots Of Physical DiseasesSPIRITUAL ROOTS OF PHYSICAL DISEASES – Many in the Body of Christ are sick and not feeling well. We look to the medical community for solutions and miss the vital connection between the condition of our soul and its affect upon our body. Though we do not understand the part sin and iniquity play in physical diseases, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is deadly.

Spiritual Roots examines Psalm 38 in light of physical conditions and their connection with iniquity. “Spiritual Roots” takes a deeper look at those connections and the integration of the spiritual and physical worlds that govern not only our health but our lives as a whole.

The enemy holds agreements in the spiritual world that give him authority in our physical world to bring down the judgments of sickness and disease. Confession and forgiveness are critical to breaking the activity of disease in our physical bodies and the restoration of health.






Karen_Stene_FinchKaren’s certifications include; Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Natural Health Professional, Herbalist, and presently studying for Master Herbalist.

Additional training includes being able to read the face, eyes and feet. Karen also utilizes technology that communicates with your body so you can know it’s top priorities.

Karen is here to assist you in your journey of health. FREE 15 minute consultations are available.



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Sarah_LeaIt is easier to prevent disease than it is to treat it. Attention to God’s prescription for good health, realizing He would rather have you in health and wholeness, plus a basic ‘how to” knowledge of diet, exercise and rest will prevent a lot of trouble.

To help others live healthier lives, Sarah has written four books including “Twenty-five Ways to Save Money on Food and Eat Healthy” and “Biblical Health and Nutrition.” She also has two cookbooks with everyday recipes using healthy substitutes.



Connie Karstens, MS, Herbalist and Health Educator, combines updated research and knowledge with traditional wisdom of herbs and nutrition to help restore, develop and maintain optimal health and well being.

Connie provides wellness consultations which look at the whole person and designs a unique protocol specific for each individual, integrating modern research, clinical and time-proven traditional healing modalities. In addition, she teaches numerous classes and conducts frequent workshops to facilitate health and healing.

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