Human DNA And Satan’s Endgame – PART 1

[stag_dropcap font_size=”120px” style=”squared”]H[/stag_dropcap]uman DNA, the double helix, the sacred strands of life – God’s masterpiece, – that most intimate and brilliant arrangements of proteins and molecules that carry the secret codes of life and the signature of God, is fast becoming the site of one of the most insidious and deadly battles we, as human beings, have ever fought. The war for our humanness, as God declared and defined it, is under fire from both scientific and spiritual sectors.


Human beings, ...

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Today, the Rapture?

Another scare about the date the world will end has been issued by those who may think they have heard from God, but do not know their Bibles. It says expressly that we do not know the day, May 21, 2011, or the hour, (Matt. 24:36). We, those of us who have ears to hear, will know the time and the season.


“Times” in the Bible often speak of years and “seasons”, would denote the time in the year. We all have our opinions about where ...

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