Life Recovery offers Christian Counseling and training in Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance, Breaking Generational Curses and Inner-Healing. Life Recovery assists the believer in identifying strongholds, specific lies, and generational patterns, including the personal agreements made with those lies. Breaking those agreements breaks the Enemy’s grip and brings release and the recovery of blessing to their life. The revelation of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, establishes truth and liberty in the heart of the broken and deliverance for the oppressed.



Life Recovery provides a variety of services including a comprehensive approach to counseling for individuals, couples, children and teens. We address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual through the application of biblical truth and its principles of spiritual warfare and deliverance to their personal life and circumstances. Visit the Christian Counseling page for more info.




All spiritual warfare is based on understanding two things, Agreement and Authority. When we come into agreement with a lie, the Liar usurps our God given authority to live in freedom and enslaves us. Our power to live in the truth of God’s word is compromised and we find ourselves bound, “doing the things we do not want to do”, (Rom. 7:14). Understanding Spiritual Warfare and our legal rights as the Redeemed, gives us the authority to break those agreements and recover our lost identity and our spiritual blessings, including our health, our destiny and our inheritance. Visit our Spiritual Warfare Training page for more information on various topics.



Physical, mental, emotional and relational healing are most effectively accomplished when we can identify and deal with the specific root cause(s) of the condition(s) that are manifesting in our life. Identifying the specific lies that open the door to those conditions in the first place and the crimes that were committed as a result of believing the lies that generated the sin behavior gives us a place where the healing process can begin. Love and forgiveness are critical to health and healing Visit our Health & Healing page for more information.



Life Recovery offers a wide variety of books, teaching manuals, cd’s, and dvd’s to help you uncover both the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and the mysteries of iniquity. Understanding the true gospel of Jesus Christ and His message of rest and reconciliation will enable you to recognize Satan’s strategy to bind you with striving and defeat you with condemnation. These materials are essential in equipping you to recognize the lies and stand in the truth as you take part in the battle for your soul we call spiritual warfare. Truth is our most powerful weapon in this war against fear. We encourage you to get your weapons at the Life Recovery Store today!

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Spiritual Warfare Prayers

God On Trial - Opening Arguments


“Because There Is A War For Your Soul”.

Join us live Tuesdays at 10am CDT or listen to the archives on Rescue Radio. Nothing boring or too political or super spiritual. Just probably some of the most radical and useful information you will find on radio. It’s time to talk straight about the war between God and Satan that is going on in our souls.




Perfect love casts out fear. The power behind this pestilence is fear. Fear is a demonic collection of entities that saturate and swarm and move the masses into places of anxiety and hysteria. This is the perfect storm engineered by the diabolical forces of hell to overtake the people, many of whom...

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Call Upon Me

We are living in strange times, new times for most of us confined to our homes, having to learn new skills, like cooking from scratch, trying to stay busy, trying to keep from becoming too bored or anxious.  It is kind of like being lost in a forest without having a compass, or knowing how to...

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Spiritual Warfare In Relationships

Spiritual Warfare Is Part Of Every Relationship We Have Here we are in the Month of Love, with Valentine’s Day almost upon us. But do most of us realize the deeper spiritual implications of love? Especially when love in human relationships is priceless and the...

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